Amaco Lead-Free Semi-Moist Underglaze Sets

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1st grade - 5th grade/6 yrs - 10 yrs


Use these fine-art decorating colors in watercolor pans for intricate, fine detail on figurines, dinnerware, etc. Intermix for tints and shading. Sets are packaged in plastic boxes with hinged lids.

Fire to the temperature of the covering glaze.Works best with clear transparent glazes.

Caution —Dark Blue, Medium Blue, and Black bear the Art and Creative Materials Institute CL Caution label. All other colors are labeled AP Non-Toxic.

Set No. 108 — Includes eight whole pans: Maroon, Light Yellow, Blue-Green, Dark Blue, Black, Dark Green, Light Brown, White. Please note that Dark Blue appears lilac in color in the pan, but the underglaze fires to a deep blue.

Set No. 109 — Includes eight whole pans: Turquoise, Lilac, Medium Blue, Pink, Warm Gray, Mahogany Brown, Bright Yellow, and Irish Green.

Set No. 110 — Includes eight whole pans: Purple, Light Blue, Aqua, Rose, Orange, Peach, Chartreuse, and Sun Tan.

Set No. 111 — Includes eight whole pans: Electric Blue, Amethyst, Violet, Red, Light Red, Salmon, Real Orange, and Hunter Green.


Price: 25.52 USD

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