Battle of the bands

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2st grade - 5th grade/7 yrs - 10 yrs


Battle of the bands

  • Talent, stardom, hard work and heartache ... welcome to Fame School!
  • Getting a place at Rockley Park school for talented young performers involves struggle and sacrifice, and that's just the beginning! Life at Rockley Park is packed full of new friends, potential enemies, crises and triumphs.

Chloe is thrilled that her band has won a prized place in an international Battle of the Bands competition. Every little detail has to be absolutely perfect for their performance, as the concert will be shown on TV all around the world. So when Chloe's special show-stopping dress is lost, it's a complete disaster! Do they still stand a chance of winning the Battle of the Bands?

ISBN: 9780746078839
144 pages
198 x 130mm

Price: 8.10 USD

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