Better English

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2st grade - 5th grade/7 yrs - 10 yrs


Better English

  • Clear, informative guide to grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Useful tips and hints to improve English usage
  • Puzzles, quizzes and Internet-links enable readers to test their skills and check their progress
  • Internet links to recommended websites

A bright and amusing book with simple explanations and lots of examples to help readers express themselves more clearly using correct English. It shows how to avoid common mistakes in written English, which punctuation marks to use and sets out the rules (and exceptions) for English spelling . Also available as three separate titles: English Grammar, English Spelling and English Punctuation.

ISBN: 9780746058435
112 pages
240 x 170mm

Author/Editor: R. Gee

Illustrator: Various

Price: 16.20 USD

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