Boreal Beginner Stereomicroscope

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5th grade - Teacher/10 yrs - adult


Sturdy Introductory Equipment at an Excellent Price

An ideal choice for frequent heavy use, with durable features such as cast-metal construction and a reagent-resistant finish. The inclined eyetubes, with interpupillary adjustment and one with diopter adjustment, allow more comfortable viewing and have soft cups to eliminate distracting peripheral light. The coated glass optics reveal a crisp, clear field-of-view. When the clamp is loosened to move the head higher or lower, the new slow-fall head feature prevents the head from crashing down. A large working distance provides enough room between the objective and the stage to manipulate the specimen. It also features a slip clutch to protect gears; removable, reversible black/white stage plate for the proper contrast with the specimen; and recessed objective. The 4X objective, available separately, gives you the option to increase magnification to 40X. It comes with a manual and a dust cover.

• Compact size: adjustable height, 8 1/2–12 1/2″, with 6 3/4″L x 4 1/2″W base
• Inclined binocular head
• Locked-in paired 10X widefield eyepieces; diopter adjustment in left eyepiece
• Fixed 2X objective for 20X magnification
•Stage plate 2 3/8″ diameter, with clips

WA24 V 21211

Price: 160.00 USD

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