Boreal Student Inclined Stereomicroscope - 20X, 40X

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5th grade - Teacher/10 yrs - adult


Adjustable Features and Dual Magnification Meet All Your Viewing Needs

Boreal Student Inclined Stereomicroscope - 20X
Examine specimens in comfort, even over long periods of time, with this microscope’s inclined binocular head, revolving turret, removable soft eyeshields that help shut out distracting peripheral light, and adjustable interpupillary distance.

Backgrounds can be varied with two interchangeable, reversible stage plates: black/white for reflected light, and clear/frosted glass for transmitted. Focusing is rack and pinion with built-in slip clutch and safety stop for specimen and optics protection. Objectives are housed in a revolving turret for a quick magnification change. The rugged metal scope produces a three-dimensional, upright image. It comes with a manual and a dust cover. 110 VAC with a 5′ 6″ three-wire cord.

• Full size: adjustable height, 10 1/2–13 1/2″, with 7 1/2″L x 4 1/2″W base
• Inclined binocular head
• Paired 10X widefield eyepieces with diopter adjustment in one
• Dual magnification: 2X and 4X objectives for 20X and 40X magnification
•Stage plate 3 3/4″ dia. with clips
•Built-in 10 W tungsten illumination
•Three-way illumination control to select either reflected light, transmitted light, or both

WA24 V 46022

Price: 237.00 USD

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