Boreal2 Advanced Digital Stereomicroscopes

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5th grade - Teacher/10 yrs - adult


High Resolution Cameras and User-Friendly Software Offer Increased Capabilities

Boreal2 rugged, die-cast metal body digital stereomicroscopes have a high resolution camera housed in the head and a videocamera built into the traditional microscope chassis. A singular power supply runs both the microscope and the camera. The included user-friendly Motic image editing software lets you capture images in JPG, TIFF, MIG and BMP formats, and movies in AVI format. You can also program regular interval times to capture images, perform photo editing, record a video, measure objects, label structures, compare side-by-side or superimposed images, amalgamate images, and record audio. Digital microscopes can connect to a computer via a USB 2.0 port. Each microscope comes with all connecting cables.

All Digital Stereomicroscopes feature:
• Camera output: Digital, USB 2.0
• Inclined binocular head
• Paired 10X widefield eyepieces with interpupillary and diopter adjustment
• 3-way LED illumination

1280 x 1024 live image resolution microscope features:
• Dual magnification: 2X/4X objectives for 20X/40X magnification
• Cordless illumination system

The 2 and 3-megapixel live image resolution microscopes feature:
• Zoom magnification: 1X-3X objectives for 10X-30X magnification
• Corded illumination system

System Requirements
Mac: G4, iMac, PowerPC, OSX, 128MB RAM, 300 MB hard drive space
Windows: Pentium, Windows 2000/XP/Vista, 128MB RAM, 300 MB hard drive space

WA24 V 05066

Price: 789.00 USD

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