Can You Believe It? 3: Stories and Idioms from Real Life 3

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1st grade - Teacher/6 yrs - adult


Authors: Jann Huizenga, Linda Huizenga

Publisher: Oxford University Press 

Paperback, 160 pages

Can You Believe It? is a three-level series that teaches high-frequency idioms, two-word verbs, and fixed expressions in the context of remarkable, real-life tales from around the world.


  • The series is designed for adults and young adults, and combines a holistic approach to reading with a thorough treatment of high-frequency idioms, phrasal verbs and fixed expressions.
  • Highly unusual, true-life stories from around the world immediately capture students' interest. The stories progress in length and difficulty throughout each book and the series.
  • Common and essential idioms are presented in engaging contexts that provide clear meaning and a natural use of new vocabulary. Idioms and expressions are systematically practised and recycled.
  • Lively comic-style illustrations and tapes provide richly contextualized visual and aural reinforcement of content and idioms.
  • Ample opportunities for producing idioms in speaking and writing are provided through story retelling, thought-provoking personal questions, dialogue production and dictation.
  • Review units provide additional practice of form and meaning of idioms in enjoyable new contexts.
  • A complete Lexicon offers further information on collocations, grammar, synonyms and antonyms.

ISBN13: 9780194372763

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