ClassPlus™ Wii™ Group Fitness Packs

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1st grade - 5th grade/6 yrs - 10 yrs


No more waiting in line! Now everybody in the class works up a sweat doing the on-screen Wii™ actions together!

Comprehensive packs are loaded with all the Wii™ fitness software, accessories, and equipment you need to outfit a class of 24! With a class leader using the Wii Fit™ balance board or other controller, the rest of the class follows along doing the same on-screen movements using the fitness steps, workout mats, and resistance tubing that come in the pack (complete with storage units!). With the Wii™ system, Wii™ accessories, and all the group fitness equipment, you can create workouts and group fitness activities that both entertain and physically challenge students. Includes everything you need for Wii-based group aerobics, cardio, strength and conditioning, Pilates, yoga, and more. Choose from Basic and Deluxe Packs.

Basic Pack. Includes:

• Wii™ System (console w/ software, 4 controllers, 4 nunchuks, and 1 quad charging dock)

• Wii™ Fitness Game Packs 1 and 2 (see contents at right)

• Wii Fit™ Plus Bundle (see contents at right)

• Wii™ EA Sports Active™ Pack (see contents at right)

• Wii™ Fitness Accessories (2 pr Wii™ Boxing Gloves, 1 pr Wii™ Step Risers, and 1 pr Wii™ Dumbbells)

• Group Fitness Equipment

       - 24 ClassStep™ Fitness Steps w/ Magnus™ Cart

       - 24 ExerFit™ 1/2" Foam Workout Mats w/ Magnus™ Cart

       - 36 UltraFit™ Resistance Tubing w/ Foam-Covered Handles w/ Magnus™ Cart

Deluxe Pack. Includes everything in the Basic Pack plus a powerful DLP 3,500-lumen multimedia projector with a high contrast ratio (2,000:1) that's ideal for projecting video games and high-motion images; also includes a utility cart with locking cabinet for convenient, secure storage.


Price: 3295.00 USD

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