Continents of the World Activity Chest

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1st grade - 3rd grade/6 yrs - 8 yrs


Our activity-filled chest introduces the unique culture, history and geography of all 7 continents—and helps build reading and writing skills at the same time! The chest features materials for each continent, including maps showing countries in each region, photo cards with scenes from everyday life, plus 3-D props and realistic replicas that represent key ideas within each culture. Best of all, we’ve made it easy to integrate language skills into each lesson—with vocabulary-building word rings and thought-provoking prompts that get students writing. 12" chest comes with an extensive 56-page guide filled with step-by-step lessons that make teaching a breeze.

Targets standards in these areas:
• Countries & continents
• People & cultures
• Climate & plant/animal life on each continent
• Characteristics and geographic features


Price: 129.00 USD

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