Fiction & Nonfiction Comprehension Kits - Complete Set

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1st grade - 2st grade/6 yrs - 7 yrs


Boost comprehension skills…with high-interest activities that encourage students to draw conclusions, find the main idea, identify cause and effect, and more! Each ready-to-use kit includes 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction books, plus 4 hands-on activities that directly correspond with each text. Students simply read one of the level-appropriate books, then test their comprehension as they put sequencing cards in the correct story order, use fun flipboards to match the main idea with supporting details and more. Plus, each activity is self-checking, so students can work independently…and build reading comprehension skills at their own pace! You get all 5 kits.

Targets standards in these areas:
• Understanding cause and effect
• Drawing conclusions
• Identifying the main idea
• Sequencing facts and details
• Reading a variety of texts
• Reading comprehension


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