Hardwood Unit Blocks

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Toddler - 1st grade/3 yrs - 6 yrs


Our blocks are the best you can buy—and we have a 50-year guarantee to prove it! As children design and build using our classic Hardwood Unit Blocks, they learn problem solving, perception skills, even basic math and science. Blocks are made of solid hardrock maple, kiln-dried, sanded and beveled for perfect building balance. And if any block breaks or splinters within 50 years from date of purchase, we will replace it at no charge! Each block is precisely related in size to the basic unit block (1 3/8" x 2 3/4" x 5 1/2") for a comfortable series of relationships that makes it easy for children to create and learn. Vehicles and signs sold separately.

Starter Set contains 108 blocks in 14 shapes - $249.00

Builder Set includes 184 blocks in 19 shapes - $469.00

Universal Set, largest set contains 318 blocks in 25 shapes - $749.00


Price: 249.00 USD

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