Lakeshore Rhythm Sets

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Toddler - 5th grade/3 yrs - 10 yrs


Our instrument sets are specially coordinated to offer the widest possible range of sound and rhythm experiences for 10, 15 or 30 players. Each set comes in a sturdy storage box with a lid, and contains instruments carefully selected to assure superior quality and tone at reasonable prices. Choose from 3 sets listed. Instruments are available individually or as a set.

10-Player Rhythm Set
Perfect for up to 10 players, our top-quality rhythm set includes 1 each of wrist and ankle bells, jingle clog, guiro tone block, triangle, castanets and cluster bells; plus 1 pair each of sand blocks, rhythm sticks and maracas. Everything comes in a handy plastic box with a lid.


Price: 42.95 USD

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