Multi-Instrument Classroom Set, 15-Player Set

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Toddler - 2st grade/3 yrs - 7 yrs


Includes an assortment of instrument combinations, ideal for accommodating different numbers of players in a classroom. Provides a wide range of rhythm, timbre and pitch. Comes in a handy corrugated storage box with a built-in handle. This 15-piece set includes: sand block (pr.), single jingle tap (1), crow sound (1), two-tone sounder (1), 5" cymbals (pr.), ankle bells (1), wrist bells (2), rhythm sticks (2 pr.), 4" triangle (1), hardwood claves (pr), handle sleigh bell (1), soprano sounder (1), and instructor's book (1).


Grade Level: PreK-5

Price: 68.00 USD

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